RIGERS Combo Wrist and Forearm Roller




      RIGERS Combo Wrist and Forearm Roller - Compatible with Most 2 inch Olympic Plates | All Steel Construction – Unbreakable Design
    • The King of Forearm Workouts: Increase the flexibility and strength in the wrists, fingers, wrists, forearms and elbows to reduce injuries and help perform sports better. Perfect solution for athletes and who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Versatile Training Tool: Can be used with Olympic weight plates, kettlebells, fat grip and more to perform wrist curls, wrist extensions for flexor muscles. Add more variations & have fun doing different exercises to target multiple muscles
    • All Steel Construction – Unbreakable Design: Designed with a focus on quality and functionality, RIGERS wrist & forearm roller and loading pin are made of all steel & fully covered with black power coating to provide best products & experience
    • Everything You Need for Training - Full package: Includes Wrist & Forearm Roller, Nylon Strap, Carabiner together with Loading Pin compatible with most 2 inch Olympic plates. You can start your training right after you put weight plates into the pin!
    • Quality Guarantee: Up to 1 Year Warranty & 30 Day Return to put your mind at peace when purchasing our product. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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