RIGERS Tricep Rope D-Handle Rotating V Shaped Press Down Bar (Rotating Bar + Tricep Rope + V Shape)




  • FULL PACKAGES INCLUDES: 1 x Tricep Rope, 1 x V-shaped bar and 1 x Straight Bar. Universal design fit most cable system on the market. RIGERS FITNESS offers 30-day Return and 1-year Warranty for your peace of mind purchase .
  • TRICEP ROPES: Made of Thick and Reliable Braided Nylon, Tricep Ropes can last a lifetime under most intense workouts. Universal size fit most hands. Chrome Plated Steel Swivel Shackle provides smooth and fluid motion and Sturdy Rubber Stoppers prevent slipping to make sure there isn't any interrupted workouts. Dimensions: 27” Long x 1” Thick (Rope) x 0.56” Diameter Hole.
  • V-SHAPED BAR: Constructed of solid steel for more durability & shiny chrome finish for corrosion prevention; the knurling on handgrips is designed to provide a firm, non-slip grip even with sweaty hands while the flat knob ends keep your hands in place. Dimensions: 7” Long x 11.6” Wide x 1” Thick (Handle) x 0.56” Diameter hole. Weight Capacity: Up to 880 lbs.
  • ROTATING STRAIGHT BAR: Sturdy and Heavy Steel & Chrome finish. The knurled handle ensures easier and firmer handgrips while 360-degree swivel shackle is smooth and fluid in motion for your perfect workouts. Dimensions: 18” Long x 1” Thick (Bar) x 0.53” Diameter hole. Weight Capacity: 880 lbs.
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE & MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT: Ideal to help you focus on increasing handgrip strength and working out elbow joints & main muscles such as triceps, biceps, lats, shoulder, back and abs. Suitable for wider range of upper body-targeted exercises. You can use them to do cable tricep push-downs, seated/standing rows, tricep /bicep curls, cable pull throughs and many more.

Product description


Multiple sets available for your varied needs

Set 1: Tricep rope + V-Shape + Straight Bar

Set 2: V-Handle + Tricep rope + V-Shape Bar

Set 3: V-Handle + Rotating Bar + V-Shaped Bar + Tricep Rope

Set 4: V-Shaped Bar + Tricep Rope

Set 5: V-Handle, V-Shaped Bar

Set 6: V-Handle + Rotating Bar + V-Shaped Bar

Note: All products can be hooked into any universal gym system

Product Features

- V-Shaped Press down Bar: Constructed of solid steel with shiny chrome finish for corrosion prevention; the knurling on handgrips for a firm, non-slip grip even with sweaty hands while the flat knob ends keep your hands in place.

- Tricep Rope: Built to last. Made of braided nylon with uniform thickness to effective prevent wear & tear, rubber stops and high-grade steel hook with Chrome finish.

- Straight Rotating Bar: Feature heavy duty steel & Chrome finish. 360 degree swivel shackle allows free & fluid movements.

- V Handle/ Double D Handle: Built of solid steel handle for more durability & Polished Chrome finish for rust and corrosion resistance. Anti-slip knurled handles on both sides and proper-sized handles are designed to comfortably fit most people.

Achieve Optimal Upper Body Development & Performance

Our cable attachment sets are designed to provide you the best equipment for building triceps, biceps, shoulder, back & abs muscles in a comprehensive way. Look no further if you want the fitness equipment that allows full extension of upper body exercises including Tricep Pulldowns/Pushdowns, Bicep Curls, Upright Rows, Arm Pull Overs, and Lateral Arm Exercises. We provide our products with the most affordable price and excellent quality for your toughest workouts! Click to buy now!

30-day Return and 1-year Warranty.

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