Super Push Down Bar - Chest and Arm Workout Machine


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  • COMPLETE UPPER BODY WORKOUT: The Super Push Down Bar is a new sensation in workout equipment, designed to train and expand your entire upper body, helping you build muscle rapidly. Develop your Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Abs.
  • TARGETED WORKOUTS: Exercise specific muscle groups with different movements (see images and video for workouts). Chest training movement is the most popular among our users, as this system allows you to rapidly develop a bigger and stronger chest! Pump some iron quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home with the best in home gym machines.
  • MULTIPLE RESISTANCE LEVEL OPTIONS: Choose your resistance level - ranging from 70 to 110 LBS - based on your personal needs. Whether you are looking for a muscle builder, expander, strengthener, or a firming experience, the choice is yours with this perfect exercise bar.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Our bars are made with professional, exercise-specific springs that have long-lasting elasticity. These reinforced springs provide power and lasting resistance, deeply stimulating your muscles as you compress them when using the device.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO STORE : Portable and easy to pack up for exercise anytime, anywhere. Work in a training session at home, watching TV, in the office, at the park, in the dorm, or traveling and on a business trip.

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